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Meet the Mom Inventor behind Ava the Elephant®!

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Tiffany Krumins is the CEO, founder and inventor of the Ava the Elephant® brand. (www.TiffanyKrumins.com) 

Ava the Elephant® is a talking children’s medicine dispenser that takes the fear and anxiety out of administering medicine to children.

Tiffany’s passion for helping children has been evident through her years of experience, including the work she’s done with children who have special needs and with childhood cancer patients. It was that same passion which brought Ava the Elephant ® to life! She realized no product on the market resolved the common problem of giving children medicine.  She took matters into her own hands and created the first Ava the Elephant from sponges, fabric and a store bought medicine dropper. After seeing the profound effect it had on children she knew she was onto something.

After her life changing experience on ABC’s “Shark Tank” she returned home with her investment from Barbara Corcoran and started the process of launching a product. In the midst of it all, Tiffany was diagnosed with cancer three months after the show (at the age of 27). This personal heartbreak only made her passion to help sick children even stronger.

Tiffany’s appearance on Shark Tank and the success following continues to provide countless opportunities for her and her brand. Her story has received unparalleled exposure. 

Some of her more notable appearances & acknowledgements:

- Tiffany was considered one of the Top 50 Mompreneurs by Babble.com.

- She was invited as a keynote speaker for a Disney Social Media Mom’s event.

- Tiffany's Story has been featured on Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.comTVGuide.comYoungEntreprenur.comMominventors.com and many others.

- The highlight of her entrepreneurial career was the time she was invited by the Dr. Oz Show to share her story and product with millions of viewers!

VISIT: www.TiffanyKrumins.com to learn more! 

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