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An Atlanta native, Tiffany Krumins was awarded $50,000 on the inaugural episode of Shark Tank, which aired on ABC in 2009. Tiffany's brainchild was inspired by a sweet-natured boy with Down syndrome who fought like a Sumo wrestler when it came time to take his medicine. As his nanny, Tiffany tried her best to sooth his anxiety, but still had to get the job done. With lightning creativity, she cobbled together fabric, sponges, and a plastic medicine dropper, and breathed life into her creation by imbedding a recordable sound chip from a greeting card. Ava the Elephant is now one of Shark Tank's most well-known and beloved successes.


Tiffany's infectious spirit not only attracted a $50,000 shark, Barbara Corcoran, who was the first guest on "The Tiffany Krumins Show on Business RadioX", but also the attention of media heavy hitters such as Dr. Oz, Fox Business, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, to name just a few. She was even touted in The Huffington Post as a modern day Mary Poppins. 


Tiffany cruised from nanny to entrepreneur on a wave of uncanny creativity, cunning business strategies, and substantive causes that tugged at her giving heart. But a perfect storm can destroy everything in its wake and detour even the most enchanting trips. 


A few months after her Shark Tank windfall, Tiffany was diagnosed with cancer. She was 27 years old. While a team of doctors attacked her cancer, Tiffany set up a command center from her hospital bed and encountered potential threats to her fledgling business. These unchartered retail waters, swimming with vendors, investors, potential partnerships, and manufacturers, could have drowned Tiffany and her business. Instead, Tiffany gleaned an education even the most prestigious business schools cannot provide. Buried in the darkest of wrappings, she unearthed a treasure trove of business opportunities and valuable connections when she redirected her focus from her own troubles to helping others. Ultimately, Tiffany beat cancer and saved her business. 


She now lives out a daily intention that business success and personal fulfillment are not mutually exclusive. There is no doubt, Tiffany's inspired comeback after cancer is transforming her brand and expanding her already impressive sphere of influence. 


Tiffany charms audiences with an all-inclusive, verbal hospitality. Whether participating in one of her workshops at a breathtaking Beaches resort or hearing her deliver a dynamic keynote  at a Disney Social Media Mom on the Road event, following Tiffany on social media or tuning into Product Genius with Tiffany Krumins on iHeartRadio to learn from Tiffany and her accomplished guests, listeners are drawn in by her authenticity towards lessons learned.


Tiffany's newest venture, Mom Genius™, is gearing up to be her greatest success to date! Learn more at MomGenius.com