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Hello! I hope you enjoyed my #DecadeofDreams shoutout that just aired on ABC’s Shark Tank!


Barbara Corcoran gave me the opportunity to pursue a BIG dream on the pilot episode 10 years ago. My life was forever changed. 

I have since learned everything there is to know about product design, development and distribution. There have been many highs and countless lows, but I wouldn’t trade this journey for the world! 

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Dream BIG,

Tiffany Krumins


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An Atlanta native, Tiffany Krumins was awarded $50,000 on the inaugural episode of Shark Tank, which aired on ABC in 2009. Tiffany's brainchild was inspired by a sweet-natured boy with Down syndrome who fought like a Sumo wrestler when it came time to take his medicine. As his nanny, Tiffany tried her best to sooth his anxiety, but still had to get the job done. With lightning creativity, she cobbled together fabric, sponges, and a plastic medicine dropper, and breathed life into her creation by imbedding a recordable sound chip from a greeting card. Ava the Elephant is now one of Shark Tank's most well-known and beloved successes.


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